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WUSSY MODE: Select your country, check Urban only, hit N.

CASUAL MODE: Select your country, hit N.

EXPLORER MODE (RECCOMENDED): Select your country, Check Hide location and Urban only, hit N.

ADVENTURER MODE: Select your country, check Hide location, hit N.

/V/ETERAN MODE: Check Hide Location and Urban only, hit N.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. MODE: Check Hide location, hit N.

STRANDED MODE: Check Hide location, Islands, hit N.


EASY: Find an airport or sea port and fly or sail home

NORMAL (RECCOMENDED): Find an airport and fly home.

HARDCORE: Get to an airport, then fly to another airport and continue home.

LEGENDARY: No use of airports, you have to walk all the way home (Nigh impossible, possibly even unwinnable if the street your house is on has not been mapped).

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